Yvan Baker
Yvan Baker
Member of Parliament for Etobicoke Centre
Community Recognition Awards

Earlier this year, I hosted my virtual New Year’s Levee & Community Recognition Awards. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate what people are doing to help others at this difficult time and to make our community in Etobicoke Centre even better. Thank you to all who attended and joined us – over 350 of you! – as we welcomed the new year and celebrated those making a difference in our community.

Over 70 awards were presented in the following categories:
1. COVID Heroes;
2. Outstanding Volunteer Service to the Community;
3. Outstanding Volunteer Service to Seniors;
4. Outstanding Volunteer Service to the Community by Youth;
5. Outstanding Service by Employees or Professional Staff.

I am honoured that, in the category of COVID Heroes, we were able to recognize and celebrate the service of two Canadian Armed Forces personnel who served at Eatonville Care Centre in Etobicoke Centre last year providing care for our most vulnerable seniors. The professionalism, sense of duty and capabilities of the Canadian Armed Forces personnel who served in long-term care homes, including in Etobicoke Centre, saved lives.

Congratulations to all the recipients! Thank you for all that you are doing for our community!

List of Award Recipients

COVID Heroes
Canadian Armed Forces Personnel
     Lieutenant Adam El-Batal
     Lieutenant Kayla Krasnor
     Major Karoline Martin
     Lieutenant-Colonel James Stocker
Anna Iwasykiw
Eunice Hogeveen
Susanne Hynes
Janice Lucenay
Ben Charles
Dr. Tony Mazzulli
Pemola Pereira DaPonte
Lilly Perkovic
George Turnbull
The Silvester Family
Rotary Club of Etobicoke COVID-19 Committee

Outstanding Volunteer Service to the Community
100 Women Who Care - Toronto West
     Laura Barker
     Sarah Hillyer
     Susan Mazan
     Tammy McCarron
     Louise Moran
     Oricia Smith
     Orysia Sozanski
Cleaning and Disinfection Team - Our Lady of Peace
     Cheryl Aleong-Spry
     Judy de Martin
     Denise Flores
     Sheila Holmes
     Linda McDougall
     Connie Stephen
Plast, Ukrainian Youth Association, Toronto Branch at the Huculak Centre
Private Refugee Sponsor Network Ontario
     Barbara Sheffield
Team Dugas - Andre, Gillian, Samantha and Lincoln
Mensur Ahmed
Maria Antoniv
Lois Armstrong
Georgina Balascas
Alison Canning
Peter Clarkson
Nyela d'Endel
Omar Farouk
Anthony (Tony) Gray
Oksana Horich-Pastuszak
Nancy and Deborah Hurn
Kathy and David Kitchen
Valentina Kuryliw
Micheal Lin
Murray Lindo
Taylor Lyons
Brian MacLean
Christina Manulak
Rev. Brian McIntosh
Maria Mikelenas McLoughlin
Deqa Nur
Manny Poulo
Emil Pidwerbecki
Nur Qase
Wasyl Saluchok
Lida Samborsky
Andrea Sluga
Joanne Stenerson
Marie Truelove and the St. James Food Basket Volunteers
Claudia Mang

Outstanding Volunteer Service to Seniors
Louise Weatherall-Walsh

Outstanding Volunteer Service to the Community by Youth
Bracelets for School Supplies Team
     Emma Faria
     Sienna Faria
     Aleksandra Lyp
     Elizabeth Skinner
     Natalie Skinner
Cameron Roy
Maksym Sklierenko

Outstanding Service by Employees or Professional Staff
Lily Hordienko
CBI Home Health
     Donna Bogle
     Rosendo Bumanglag
     Domingo Del Rosario
     Oluwashola Olumide
     Jhonyfer Ramos
Staff of ESS Support Services
Ken Kogej
Anne Pietropaolo

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